Brake Maskings

brake masking kit

Mask and unmask an aircraft brake in less than 2 minutes- saving you time and money.

• Massive decrease in process time over current brake paint method
• Easy to apply mask that screws or snaps shut
• Removed easily and quickly
• Product consistency
• Meet OEM specs detailed in the overhaul manuals
• Eliminate waste and excessive disposable tape purchasing
• Simply peel the excess dry paint off of the reusable masking
• Fast air-drying design allows wheels to be painted on while other side is still wet
• Tested and specifically engineered for aircraft wheels
• Reduce injuries, workman compensation claims, and overtime
• Straightforward instructions, videos and 24/7 customer support
• Lean and Six Sigma- increase work flow performance, turnaround time and quality of service
• Made in the U.S.A.


Current kits currently in stock:

ATR 72 Brake C20585700

ATR 72 Brake C20585711

A320 Brake C20225508

A320 Brake C20225509

A320 Brake C20225510

A321 Brake C20534100 (4050, 4000)

A330 2-1578 Brake Housing

737 Brake 2-1474

737 Brake Assy C20633000

737-800 6012302 Piston Housing

737-800 2612312

737 Classic 2-1474 MS Inlet Port

737 Classic Brake Kit

737 Classic 2606672

767 Brake Assy C20508000

767 Brake Kit 2612412

777 Brake Assy C20508000

C17 Brake Kit C20535000

CRJ-200 5010520 Piston Housing

EMB 190 Brake Masking Kit 90002340

Lear 35 5003096

MD-11 2609472 Piston Housing

MD-11 Hanging Pin

MD 80 2608892

Piaggio Brake 2-1504

Pilatus 12 Brake 30-244


All of our products can be custom made to each customers’ specifications, with different sizes, shapes and colors. Small and large orders are welcome. Please contact us at (954) 482-4269 or for more information about Blackbird’s PATENTED brake maskings.